Banana Flowers 30 lbs

Banana Flowers 30 lbs


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The banana flower is a large, dark purple-red blossom that grows from the end of a bunch of bananas. Purple buds appear from the heart of the tip of the stem and develop into tubular, white flowers.  The flavour is a little starchy and bitter, and is normally eaten as a complement to a dish.  


  • Year-round.

Shipping Details

  • Type of Shipment: 2-day Shipping (1-2 Days)
    • Banana flowers are packaged in perforated cartons of stable corrugated board.
    • Quantities are shipped in approximation. If you require less than the quantities available on the website of any product please contact us directly or place a wholesale order.
    • Estimated Shipping Box Size: 23” X 15 ½” X 9”

Care & Storage


The dark husk on the outside simply needs to be stripped away to get to the yellow-green leaves inside.
Banana flower leaves will turn brown or black if left to sit exposed to air for any length of time, so after you remove the tough outer layer and separate the inner leaves, put them in a bowl of acidic water (i.e. add several tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar) to minimize browning.


Wrap the banana flower in a plastic film or wrap to keep the petals closed completely and store it in the refrigerator.

Additional information

Weight 31.5 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 15.5 x 9 in


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